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[NEW]Artec Leo V1.6
Localizing into Japanese
Artec Leo now supports Japanese.
The scan screen and settings are all compatible with Japanese, improving usability.

Enhanced background removal function
In addition to the plane deletion function, it is now possible to delete unnecessary scanned objects other than the target object from the sensitivity setting.
This can reduce the man-hours required for post-processing.
After scanning, determine the area to be deleted by changing the sensitivity adjustment parameters.
Areas to be deleted are displayed in red.
If you check the scan data, you can see that the red area has been deleted.
Since the deleted data itself remains, it is also possible to restore the data.

Enhanced streaming function
A new feature has been added to the streaming feature using Google Chrome.
The project can be operated and downloaded on the streaming screen, improving convenience.
The scan screen has also been improved to make it easier to see, making it easier to check the scan on the PC screen.

New data format
HD construction function now supports SD card transfer.
The data is output as ".leo" and can be reconstructed into HD data with ArtecStudio16.
* ".Leo" can be used from ArtecStudio16, but you can continue to save it in the existing ".pkg" format.
".Leo" is read as and used to create HD data.

Add scan settings
A setting has been added that if you lose tracking during a scan, you can point the camera at the location you scanned once and the scan will resume automatically.
This allows for seamless scanning.
Scanning resumes as soon as the shape is recognized.

Other functional improvements
Keyboard function
Keyboard input is now available when setting numerical values.
This makes it easier to fine-tune the values.
Screenshot function
You can now take screenshots and output them to a microSD card.
Lock function
A lock function has been added to automatically lock Leo if it has not been operated for a certain period of time.
Security has been improved because the unlock code can be set at startup.