Function Compare

  KeyShot HD KeyShot Pro KeyShot Pro Floating KeyShot Enterprise
More than 20 3D support file formats
Third party application plug-in
Progressive global illumination
Image-based lighting (HDRI)
Physical Writing
(Surface light source diffusion, point light source diffusion, Point light source IES profile)
Scientifically accurate material type
More than 500 material presets
Over 50 HDRI lighting environments
Pantone/RAL/CIE/Lab color
Akusulta paint
Molded Tech Texture
Bump/Normal/Reflective/Opaque Map
Installation of interactive labels / assignment of materials
Procedural texture
Interactive scene tree
Control all interactive cameras
Unlimited real-time / rendering output resolution
Materials graph  
Geometry viewer/editor  
Region rendering (real-time/offline)  
Render queue  
HDRI Editor  
Keyshot online library access  
View set  
Scene set  
Render pass  
Render Layer  
NURBS Ray tracing  
Perspective matching  
Sun & Sky Generator  
ZPR/STL/OBJ Output  
Camera Parts & Materials Animation  
Various rotation animation  
Movie output (Quicktime, AVI, FLV)  
FlexLM based server license    
Management/borrowing of floating license    
KeyShot Content creation function for XR Web      
Distribution render function on network      
Siemens NX plug-in