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Metal X
An end-to-end metal 3D printing solution.
Based on the 4th generation composite 3D printing technology, Metal X realizes a completely different level of molding speed / stability and manufacturing cost reduction from conventional metal lamination molding equipment.
Metal 3D printer "Metal X" for metal materials
What is Metal X
Based on the 4th generation composite 3D printing technology, Metal X realizes a completely different level of molding speed / stability and manufacturing cost reduction from conventional metal lamination molding equipment.
Adopting the latest lamination technology called ADAM | Atomic Diffusion Additive Manufacturing, we propose innovation of manufacturing process as a new "game changer" of metal lamination modeling.

ADAM | Atomic Diffusion Additive Manufacturing
It is a completely new metal 3D printing technology that combines 3D additive manufacturing and metal powder injection molding (metal injection molding). Based on the principle of metal powder injection molding, the sintered metal can achieve a maximum density of 99.7% and a smooth surface accuracy.
After designing the part in CAD, upload the STL data and select the metal material to use. Other data processing can be easily done by anyone using the cloud-based dedicated software: Eiger.
A mixture of metal powder and a binder (binder) is layered by the FDM method, and a model before sintering called a green body is output. The shrinkage ratio is automatically calculated in advance by the sintering process, and the CAD model is also automatically corrected.
Clean the green body to remove the attached binder. After that, sintering process is performed in a vacuum furnace to atomize the binder, and finish with high density and uniform metal parts.
Only metal remains in the parts after sintering, and a practical metal molding with a high density of 99.7% is completed. It is possible to perform cutting processing, surface finishing processing, plating processing, etc. as with ordinary metal parts.

Metal 3D Printing Materials
17-4 PH Stainless Steel
Combines high strength, corrosion resistance, and hardness. Used in a wide variety of manufacturing applications.
  Download 17-4 PH Stainless Steel Data Sheet
H13 Tool Steel
coming soon
Exhibits excellent corrosion resistance. Used in marine applications.
Inconel 625
A proprietary nickel alloy that excels in high temperatures and corrosive environments. Used in automotive and aerospace.
Titanium Ti6Al4V
coming soon
Superior strength-to-weight ratio. Used in aerospace, medical, and other high-performance fields.
D2 tool steel (SKD 11)
Can be air-hardened to 60 HRC; trades toughness for hardness and abrasion resistance. Great for cutting tools and dies.
A2 Tool steel (SKD 12)
Can be air-hardened up to 58 HRC; excellent impact resistance. Used for forming tooling, punches, and dies.
  Download A2 Tool steel (SKD 12) Data Sheet
H13 Tool steel (SKD 61)
A hot-work tool steel with excellent toughness, wear resistance, and heat resistance. Excels in high temperatures.
  Download H13 Tool steel (SKD 61) Data Sheet
Thermal and electrical conductivity. Print heat sinks, custom conductive elements, and other geometrically complex parts.

Related equipment in post-treatment process
Sinter 1 (smaller) / Sinter 2 (Large)
Create high-purity metal parts by using sintering technology built with a carbon-free retort.
*Built of Metal Injection Molding (MIM) technology
  Download Sinter 1 (smaller) Data Sheet   Download Sinter 2 (Large) Data Sheet
Optimized for efficiency, safety, and easy of use, the Wash-1 features integrated debinding and drying stations. Parts can be washed in parallel, allowing you to maximize throughput on a wide variety of part sizes.
  Download Washer Data Sheet

Featuring an all-aluminum unibody and printing system, Markforged sets the standard for high quality and industrial design. With a fully enclosed build chamber, ultra-quiet motion system, and environmentally friendly material storage, Markforged printers perform equally well in the office, in the factory, or at home.
Cloud-connected software and a 4.3-inch touch screen are standard on all printers.
Regular wireless updates mean that the quality of Markforged products will continue to improve. Tracking material usage and detecting off-material helps printer monitoring and waste reduction.
With automatic version control, real-time fleet management and cloud-based collaboration, Eiger is the world's most advanced 3D printing software.
Designed to simplify the manufacturing process, Eiger allows you to print plastic, metal and composite parts directly from your browser.