Scanners and 3D modeling tools to transform virtual reality into 3D printers and printers, enabling virtualization to be the fourth generation of CAD / CAM engine, processing analytics, digital resume generation. Go In our data design, we provide a mechanism for strategically extracting data using "3D Connect", which is naturally associated with these 3D technologies.

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Create virtual space from 3D scanning / modeling

In order to introduce attractive products to the market in a timely manner, it is important to visualize / share the "concept" efficiently in the shortest possible time and create "3D contents" that can be used in the marketing process . By fusing the analog sensibility of the designer with the latest digital technology, we propose to construct an innovative design process unprecedented.

Build 3D production knowledge from digital processes

In order to promote high value-added manufacturing in Japan, it is essential to maximize the use of machining centers, robots, digital measuring instruments, laser guides and the like, which operate at production sites, and in recent years additive manufacturing (3D layered modeling) And IoT / utilization of big data etc is also an important theme. We will propose building a strategic intelligent manufacturing environment that strongly supports the global production system of the future.

Visualize 3D information by linking reality and virtual

Dramatic evolution of computer graphics and CPU / GPU technology has made it possible to map 3D virtual information very easily to the real world. In the futuristic visualization environment, we drastically innovate on-site analog work, and promote great productivity improvement and motivation reform of on-site workers. We propose a visualization system of 3D information linking "reality" and "virtual".

Fusion of 3D digital process freely

Active use of smart 3D digital tools to enhance personal power and making digital processes to link them with databases to enhance team power have become indispensable for future business. We will organically combine 3D digital processes and propose creative enterprise solutions using Microsoft's IoT technology and smart devices and cloud environments.